Rolling stock & Maintenance


VFLI operates its services all over France, by means of a well-balanced, reliable and high-performance fleet composed of diesel & electric locomotives and shunters, all serviced in our very own maintenance workshops.

A high-performance, diversified and environment-friendly fleet

VFLI has a fleet of more than 150 diesel & electric locomotives and shunters adapted to the national rail network and also to industrial spurs.


Our fleet is made up of locomotives from the following families: BB 61000, BB 27000, BB 37000, BB 400, Class 77, G1206, Y8000 and Euro 4000.

This fleet enables us to provide our clients with a guarantee of optimum safety, availability, energy efficiency and environmental compliance, in particular with regard to the very latest pollution control standards.


In 2016 we took delivery of 6 new Euro 4000 diesel locomotives, the most powerful and up-to-date of their kind on the market, fully-approved for use in France and Belgium.

In order to support our growth, we have already ordered 3 further Euro 4000s to add to our fleet in 2017.



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In-house maintenance enables us to optimize our fleet management

VFLI owns a network of maintenance workshops, spread across the country.


Each of our 7 workshops is capable of servicing and repairing all items of our rolling stock fleet (i.e. locomotives, shunters, road-rail vehicles, freight cars…).

Our mobile intervention teams are also permanently on call to go directly to a site in the event of a breakdown or functional issue.

In view of the fact that we prefer to take preventive measures rather than curing issues after they have occurred, our service interventions are aimed at optimising the reliability and good working order of our equipment, at guaranteeing the best possible safety conditions and at reducing their environmental impact.


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An Engineering & Design department to boost your competitiveness…

The technological evolution of machinery and the ever-higher levels of demand in terms of equipment safety and environmental protection are all elements taken into account in VFLI's Equipment strategy. The objectives of our in-house Engineering & Design department are to optimize our service and repair operations and to improve the performance and availability of our equipment in order to keep a step ahead of our competitors.


… and to advise you on your railway infrastructures

This competitive advantage and technical expertise is further enhanced by the presence of a team of professionals who are on hand to answer all our clients' questions and to respond to their every need  with regard to rail-related infrastructures and how best to manage them.

Our technicians and engineers are able to provide advice on all rail-related issues, ranging from infrastructures to general organization and maintenance management.


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 VFLI has a fleet of more than 150 diesel and electric locomotives and shunters adapted to the national rail network and also to industrial spurs. Maintenance is performed in our own workshops.