Our commitments


As a leading player in the field of rail freight forwarding, it is our duty to set an example in everything that we undertake. VFLI has built its growth on strong principles that guide our actions and that seal the cohesion within our teams. Whether it's with our employees, our clients, our partners or our suppliers, we take care to set out clear commitments and to then deliver on our promises.

Our actions are driven by strong guiding principles

Safety, an absolute priority

At VFLI, the safety of our employees and the goods that have been entrusted to us is an absolute prerequisite in all that we do. We have wilfully set out a rigorous policy founded on risk prevention and systematic surveillance of each of our sites. Highly professional, all members of staff implement stringent procedures. Awareness actions are regularly organized at field level and vigilance is a daily preoccupation. 

High quality service for top-level performance

We cultivate a sense of service by which attentiveness, receptiveness and cooperation are the guiding principles of our exchanges. Such exchanges enhance our capacity to react and drive our operational efficiency. As genuine partners to our clients, we are committed to delivering high quality services that are compliant with their expectations in terms of reliability and service performance and thus contributing to their development.

Confidence in our employees, a key success factor

We believe that we are a "right-sized" company and it is our firm intention to provide our workforce with a work environment that is motivating and in which everyone can work with peace of mind and move forward in line with their objectives. We are also convinced that diversity is a key innovation and performance driver. Constructive and positive-minded, the men and women who work at VFLI are also mutually supportive, friendly and fun-loving. We enjoy each others' company and we all seek "to go the extra mile" in order to achieve success, together.

Environment-friendly – can our competitors say the same?

When considering greenhouse gas emissions measured in terms of freight tonnes transported per kilometre, the argument is clearly in favour of rail transport, for which energy efficiency is 2 to 3 times greater than that of road haulage. A genuinely eco-responsible alternative for the transport of goods, railways provide a combination of competitiveness, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness. By means of illustrating our willingness to establish good practices for everything that we undertake, all our drivers are trained in eco-driving techniques which enable us to be more fuel-efficient, to reduce CO2 emissions and to prevent premature locomotive wear and tear.

Growth and long-term consolidation

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of SNCF, founded in 1998, VFLI has the backing of a stable shareholding while also enjoying total independence in terms of decision-making. Our regular year-on-year growth and our overall positive results provide a clear testimony to the professionalism of our teams.