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Every year we convey close on 3 billion tonne-kilometres of goods. As a key player on the French and International rail-freight market, the national rail network holds no secrets for us. With a wide offer in terms of full unit trains and scheduled forwarding, we also possess a high-level capacity to organize spot operations, according to our clients' needs and can also offer local transport solutions to facilitate modal transfer from road to rail.

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Transport de marchandises


  • A safety certificate authorizing VFLI to operate on the entire national rail network in France
  • Made-to-measure services to match each client's needs
  • Efficient processes, proven reliability and high-level regularity
  • Close to our clients, via our Site Team Leaders, exclusive operational points of contact with our clients
  • A high-performance rolling stock fleet of almost 100 diesel & electric locomotives
  • Real-time information and a reactive response team to guarantee service continuity in case of unforeseen events.
  • Safety
  • Proximity
  • Quality

Our services

Spot trains

For your occasional transport needs, we have sufficient human and material means that can be rapidly mobilized in order to provide on-the spot solutions to respond to your peak business needs and volume variations, ensuring that you maintain total flexibility.

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Scheduled full train services

The ideal solution for forwarding your products quickly and cost-efficiently while also reducing your CO2 emissions. We transport all types of freight (heavy goods, swap bodies, perishable waste, aggregates and hazardous substances) and we adapt to your needs according to your payloads, frequency and delivery areas.

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Local services

A national operator with a strong regional presence, VFLI provides collection services to respond to local and regional needs and requirements.

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We devise made-to-measure rail freight solutions for your business sector


Our clients are many and varied, but every single one is unique. Thanks to the two-way exchanges that we have with them and our day-to-day presence out in the field we are in a position to understand their needs and expectations and provide expert, made-to-measure service for their specific sector.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

Whether you are a manufacturer, a distributor or a logistics provider, you are dealing with large product volumes. VFLI provides competitive and efficient made-to-measure solutions for integrating train transport into your supply chain management. Whether in Combined rail-road mode or in Conventional mode, your goods will be safely transported all over France, every day of the year, including weekends and public holidays.

If you require a late pick-up or an early morning delivery, we will adapt to your constraints and comply with your lead time requirements. If your product has seasonal highs or if you are running a promotional offer, our responsiveness and flexibility will ensure that your products remain in stock in your stores.

Some of the biggest names in the food processing, textile and household electronics sectors can testify to our ability to deliver the goods, in all senses of the term. 

Chemicals, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons: transport of hazardous substances

With 5 times fewer accidents per tonne transported compared to road haulage, railways remain the safest form of freight forwarding for hazardous substances. VFLI guarantees a high level of safety for all such substances, whether in tanks or packaged in containers. Each region has its own Quality & Safety Officer. Furthermore, all our drivers are experienced, our internal processes are stringent and sound and our equipment is reliability-tested.

For conveyance from plant to plant or to your customer's production sites, we will adapt ourselves to your production and storage constraints.

If you would like further information on specific transport requirements and solutions for your class of goods, please contact our National Safety Advisor, the person best-informed to answer all questions related to hazardous substance issues. 


Whether you are a car maker or an auto broker, you are undoubtedly on the lookout for a reliable, high-performance and environment-friendly transport solution. Choose rail with VFLI. We are fully aware that the transport of vehicles requires extreme precision as much on loading and unloading as throughout the forwarding process and we are able to transport new vehicles, trucks and utility vehicles from your production sites and storage centres.

We can fit in perfectly with your logistics plans and we have a clear understanding of your industrial concerns.

Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety: we take all these considerations into account when proposing solutions adapted to your needs.

Aggregates and quarry products

For all construction needs, e.g. roads, railways, houses, high-rise buildings…, the ability to convey aggregates from quarries to work sites is a crucial issue. Seasonal peaks & troughs, volume variations, meteorological uncertainty… at VFLI we adapt our solutions to your payload and frequency requirements for the delivery of your goods.

By choosing to entrust VFLI with your freight forwarding needs you can be sure of obtaining a solution that will enable you to control your transport costs, the economic performance of your operations and your sustainable development requirements.

Every year we transport millions of tonnes of building materials (e.g. cement, quarry products, ballast, etc.) and are also on hand to remove rubble generated by your work.

Cereals and farming produce

From silos to processing plants or to the major French port terminals, VFLI conveys each year several thousands of tonnes of farming produce (e.g. corn, wheat, barley, sugar beet…).

As a partner to farming cooperatives, food producers and brokers, VFLI provides a nationwide service to & from numerous border points at competitive rates.

On markets that are characterized by uncertainty (high seasonal demand, short delivery windows, unpredictable weather conditions and all other unforeseeable events), VFLI is always willing to show flexibility in order to adapt to its clients' transport plans and provide a rapid response. At grass roots level, our teams are always on hand to ensure compliance with loading times, turnaround rates and arrival scheduling.

Wood and paper

Trees & logs, pulp, timber panels, paper reels and waste paper for recycling, VFLI teams are on-hand throughout the country to work with you in order to design the most efficient transport plans to suit your needs. Flexibility, reliability, optimized loading & filling, shorter turnaround times, combined delivery & removal in order to avoid having empty trains on the move… examples of just some of the initiatives that can enable you to optimize your transport costs. 

Iron and steel

Every year, VFLI runs whole trains loaded with metal plates, sheet metal, reels, sections, bars, tubes and pipes. Loading capacity, prices, regularity… our clients in the iron and steel industries can rest assured that VFLI will safely and reliably transport goods from their production sites to wherever they are required in France.

And furthermore…

IMPOSSIBLE is a word that you will never find in the VFLI vocabulary.

If you find that your specific line of business is not covered by the descriptions above, get in touch with us and together we will examine your transportation needs, bringing all our expertise to bear in order to find the right solution for you. 


Photo Paul Cuquel

Our partnership with VFLI began in the wake of the 2009 storms that decimated the pine forests in the Landes region. We needed to find a freight forwarder that was able to provide a rapid response, with sufficient human and equipment resources to remove large quantities of logs and transport them to our plant in Tarascon, at the foot of the Rhône valley. Today, our partnership is even stronger...

Paul Cuquel, Transport & Logistics Manager - Wood

Fibre Excellence

VFLI's commitments: sustainable growth by ensuring safety and service quality for rail freight forwarding, by entrusting our people to "deliver the goods" and by showing total respect for the environment

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