Industrial sites – Spurs & Sidings

From design to overall management of your railway facilities

An expert rail and logistics provider for industrial sites, VFLI proposes made-to-measure solutions to enable its clients to manage and optimize their industrial spurs and loading/unloading facilities. Whatever your business sector (chemicals, petrochemicals, pulp & paper, wood, food processing, fast-moving consumer goods, etc.), we provide a guarantee of safety (all our operators are Seveso-certified), service quality and competitiveness.

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  • 20 years expertise in railway operation and logistics
  • Local service provided by attentive, reactive personnel
  • Certified processes: ISO 9001, MASE and SQAS
  • A high-performance rolling stock fleet regularly serviced by VFLI's maintenance teams
  • A railway infrastructure engineering department totally dedicated to maintaining and improving your facilities
  • Comprehensive, across-the-board expertise to enable you to benefit from genuine synergies between the management of your spurs & sidings and your freight trains
  • Safety
  • Proximity
  • Quality
  • Services

Our services

Loading / Unloading

Packing & unpacking, filling & emptying (including hazardous substances), loading & unloading of freight cars and trucks, transhipment of pallets, freight car coupling, filling compliancy control.

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Railway manoeuvres and convoy management

Moving and manoeuvring trains for loading and unloading, freight car sorting in railway sidings, convoy management (freight car coupling & uncoupling and manoeuvres).

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Leasing of driverless shunting equipment

Rolling stock provision and maintenance management.

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Track maintenance, infrastructure servicing

Infrastructure auditing, geometric control of tracks by means of indicator buggies, work recommendations and specifications, drafting and monitoring of maintenance plans, worksite supervision, incident analysis.

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Preventive & curative rolling stock maintenance

Maintenance engineering (maintenance plans, scheduling and dispatching, reliability studies), maintenance of rail-road machinery, maintenance of locomotives (axles, brakes, chassis, wheelsets), on-site or in our workshops, troubleshooting and repairs.

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Consulting input

Logistic studies on industrial sites, advisory input on industrial spur creation or modernization projects, from design to implementation, facilities design and work processes, administrative support, comprehensive training in collaboration with our dedicated training centre.

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New! On-site freight car maintenance

With the official accreditation of the primary freight car leasers (ATIR RAIL, ERMEWA, GATX, MILLET, NACO, VTG), our teams perform technical inspections and also corrective and preventive maintenance (e.g. replacement of brake head wear plates, lubrication of buffers and turnbuckles) as well as small repairs directly on site so as to avoid the need to immobilize vehicles or transfer them to our maintenance workshops.


When the need arises, in view of our extensive human and locomotive resources, we are also able to transfer your freight cars to our maintenance workshops for more complicated repairs. 

Stéphane Le Goër Cemex

VFLI is both the operator of our on-site industrial spur and the transporter of our goods from one site to another by rail. The key strengths of VFLI's service offer can be summed up in two words – resourcefulness and availability.

Stéphane Le Goër, Logistics Director


VFLI's commitments: sustainable growth by ensuring safety and service quality for rail freight forwarding, by entrusting our people to "deliver the goods" and by showing total respect for the environment

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