Railway work sites

Leader for forwarding to railway worksites

VFLI provides rail haulage and management services for construction, maintenance and renovation sites on the national rail network. In order to offset the lack of drivers and reduce haulage costs to your worksites, we can provide our own locomotives and drivers, both certified for operation on the national rail network and on worksites. We are also equipped for tunnel work, for repairs to civil engineering structures, for conveying rail maintenance equipment, for supplying railway worksite bases, by providing locomotives from the right horsepower category for your needs.

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Chantiers de travaux ferroviaires


  • The only freight-centric operator also present on the railway maintenance market
  • Highly-reactive in terms of deployment (operators and locomotives)
  • Provision of fully-trained and certified drivers and heavy machinery operators.
  • A wide range of environmentally-compliant equipment (e.g. BB400, G1206, G1206 equipped with TVM system for high speed lines, STI Tunnel-approved locomotives, etc.)
  • Safety
  • Proximity

Our services

More than 50 dedicated drivers & operators, all experts in work train manoeuvres.

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Turnkey solutions

Compliant with all requirements for the maintenance and renovation of the existing rail network and the construction of new high-speed links (LGV).

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A wide range of locomotives

Perfectly adapted to rail worksites: from high-power CC locomotives to BB400-type shunters.

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A response to the technical and safety constraints

of each client and each worksite while also tracking and monitoring operators


Local, grass roots management of each contract

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Oversize loads: VFLI commissioned to transport elements for the Grenant viaduct


In the summer of 2010, SNCF Réseau launched a replacement program for the deck of the Grenant viaduct at La Bridoire, close to Chambéry (73). VFLI provided the transport for the new and old decks between the storage base and the worksite. Three non-standard loads of 27 metres in length weighing 105 tonnes each were transported by VFLI works team on heavy-duty 8-axle freight cars supported by other 6-axle flatbed cars.


A splendid technical performance that required a high level of responsiveness and a great deal of dexterity, especially when bringing the convoy to a halt in order to position segments as close as possible to one another.


"Suite Rapide": the quick and efficient all-in-one solution for rail track renewal


Intended for renewing all elements that compose a railway track (i.e. ballast, sleepers, rails) within the shortest possible lead time, a "Suite Rapide" is a mobile platform made up of several machines placed one after the other over several kilometres. In a race against time so as to keep disruption to passenger traffic to a minimum, a "Suite Rapide" is capable of renewing up to 1 km of track in one day or 1 night.


Partner since 2013 of the "Suite Rapide" operated by Meccoli, VFLI has recently won a tender to provide its know-how and means (drivers and locomotives) for lot 1 of the "Suite Rapide" program for the period 2018 - 2024.

VFLI's commitments: sustainable growth by ensuring safety and service quality for rail freight forwarding, by entrusting our people to "deliver the goods" and by showing total respect for the environment

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