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VFLI and the Port of Strasbourg at the heart of Europe's freight transport market

An impressive multimodal platform, the 2nd largest inland port in France and the 3rd largest on the Rhine, the Port of Strasbourg handles goods from all over the world.

Some 150 km of tracks are to be found at the port spur, linking it directly to the Strasbourg-Kehl railway line, with close to 2 million tonnes of freight transported each year (fast-moving consumer goods, automobiles, cereals, iron & steel, petrochemicals, hazardous substances, etc.).

VFLI has been providing its services at the port since 2010.


It all began with a contract to transport liquid chalk for Omya, with other agreements following in rapid succession, making VFLI one of the major rail operators at the port, responding to the growing demand from our shipping clients. Cargill, Kronenbourg, Naviland Cargo and Teerhaak, to name but a few, can all rely on our human resources (ground operators, two teams of drivers) and our rolling stock of locomotives and shunters to handle sizeable volumes of goods for the French and German markets.

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