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New driving simulators make VFLI railway training even more realistic than before

VFLI's two professional training centres located in Freyming Merlebach and Autun have taken delivery of the very latest generation of driving simulators, enabling trainees to learn to drive a train in conditions that are ever closer to reality, providing more precise and more effective training.

Rail-related training: a key stake for VFLI

With 6 nationwide recruitment sessions each year, VFLI provides training to more than 100 new train drivers who, on completion of their program, will join our teams.  

Train-driving simulation as close as possible to reality

The arrival of this new equipment makes the training even more immersive than before thanks to 3D display features, freight car modelling and simulation of braking operations, technical incidents and even troubleshooting in the event of a breakdown.

New functionalities for an enhanced learning experience

These new driving simulators therefore enable the learning objectives of the training program to be achieved more effectively, ensuring that trainees acquire all of the professional skills and reflexes required to drive a freight train in total safety, with greater precision.

Rail-related training accessible to all

Apply now to claim a place on a driver training program in one of VFLI's two training centres and join our workforce of over 900 employees.