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How do I become a train driver?

Every year, VFLI recruits more than 120 train drivers from all over France. Find out more about the job of train driver, the skills required and the training to follow in order to begin a career in the rail freight sector.

VFLI - a rail company that is highly active in the job market

Every year, VFLI recruits candidates from all over France to take part in our driver training programs. In 2016, we received 35 000 applications and hired 120 new members of staff to embark on a career in the rail freight sector.

This year again, VFLI, a strong growth company, will be hiring and training new candidates for posts in this sector. Find out more here about the enthralling job of freight train driver, one that requires high levels of rigour, responsiveness, self-control and concentration.

Job profile: train driver at VFLI

Your job is to drive trains on the National Rail Network (RFN), either over short distances (on local lines between our client's industrial sites and nearby railway stations) or over long distances to deliver goods.

Your mission also includes the loading and unloading of goods, formation of convoys and all associated technical and logistical operations, at all times abiding by strict rules of safety.

Train driver candidate profile

If you have a general or professional baccalauréat or up to 2 year's further education and if you consider yourself to be motivated, rigorous, reactive, versatile, mature and well-organized, you are the ideal candidate to enrol on our train driver training program!

Embarking on a career on the railways: our recruitment process

Armed with your CV, apply directly on line for job offers posted on our recruitment platform or send us an unsolicited open application.

After studying your application, a member of our HR team will contact you to invite you to attend one of our recruitment sessions. As well as observing your concentration capability, your reactiveness and your logical skills, further tests will be performed to assess your psychological aptitude to drive trains.

Once you have successfully completed all of these tests you will undertake a 9-month training program covering the entire range of rail-related occupations  before becoming a train driver, forwarding freight all over the country.


It's now up to you! We look forward to receiving your application.


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