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Ground Safety Operator: focus on a rail-related occupation in the new Onisep brochure

The latest Onisep brochure devoted to rail-related career opportunities includes first-hand accounts from some of our operational staff on their day-to-day activities.

Focus on rail-related occupations

The latest Onisep brochure devoted to career opportunities in the rail sector provides a series of pen portraits of different professionals working in this sector.

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VFLI employee testimonials

In this brochure you will be able to read a first-hand account by 33-year old Nourredine Fekkaki, a Ground Safety Operator at VFLI since 2011. His job involves manoeuvering freight trains on the private railway spurs located at our clients' industrial sites.  

Read all about what he does and details of other rail-related occupations in the latest Onisep careers brochure.

Become a Ground Safety Operator at VFLI

Do you consider yourself to be rigorous and precise, with a strong team ethos?

Whether you have a CAP vocational training certificate or 2 years' further education after the baccalauréat, begin your career in the rail freight industry by applying for a place on one of our training programs and become a Ground Safety Operator like Nourredine.

VFLI - a rail company that is highly active in the job market

Our company recruits Ground Safety Operators from all over the country. Visit our careers zone to see the latest job offers and begin your career in the rail industry!