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Focus on the job of industrial site train driver with Onisep

Find out more about the job of industrial site train driver and many other rail-related career opportunities in a new Onisep brochure devoted to rail transport.

Focus on rail-related occupations in the latest Onisep brochure

The latest Onisep brochure devoted to rail-related career opportunities includes first-hand accounts from some our operational staff on their day-to-day activities and the need for precision and extreme vigilance.

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First-hand account by one of VFLI's industrial site train drivers

After leaving school with a professional qualification in Maintenance, Pascal Marque, now aged 42, first worked in the cleaning industry before applying to VFLI to become a train driver. After a period of in-house training, Pascal was posted to St Gaudens, at the industrial site of Fibre Excellence, a pulp & paper specialist.

His job consists of manoeuvering freight cars when a train arrives at the client's private spur and then delivering the goods that they contain to the places that they are required on the site to ensure that production runs smoothly.

Become an industrial site train driver at VFLI, a rail company that is highly active in the job market

At VFLI, we recruit and train drivers all year long. Job vacancies can be found in our careers zone. Take a look and feel free to apply now!