Professional development at VFLI

By joining vfli, you get to play a central role in your own development

Helping each of our employees to develop and progress is one of the key challenges that our HR teams and our managers take up on a daily basis.

Career development is constantly ongoing at VFLI

At VFLI, you will have the opportunity to learn a new profession and be able to develop your skills throughout your career.


According to your aspirations, your abilities and your personality, you could then envisage a higher position as a manager (e.g. Contract Manager) or expert (e.g. Ground Operations management) or as a Resource Manager.

A number of opportunities will be open to you and you could be invited to participate in one of our development programs.

It is a fact worth stating that a large proportion of our middle management team has been promoted from within – the opportunities are clearly there.


Last but not least, in view of our widespread presence across the country, VFLI also offers numerous opportunities for geographic mobility.



Because we know that a person's aspirations and qualifications change over time, VFLI is always at your side to assist you in your career development.

In their own words…

Nabil, Site Team Leader

« A former Ground Safety Officer, I was appointed Site Team Leader in December 2015, managing a team of 14 persons. VFLI knows how to recognize and reward those who work hard and who are committed. I am a good example of this policy and I try to apply the same principles at my local level. If I had to give some advice to a candidate, I would say that you have to be serious, respectful, punctual and capable of working on your own and taking initiatives. »


Noureddine, National Ground Safety Operator    

« After several fixed-term experiences in different industrial sectors, I joined VFLI 5 years ago as a Ground Safety Operator. I worked in a number of different regions, on a number of different sites, for a number of different clients, performing a number of different tasks. Thanks to this wide-ranging experience, in 2016 I was invited to join the National Ground Safety team. I am therefore no longer attached to one specific region but provide assistance in all four corners of France. VFLI has an excellent reputation and I am so proud to belong to this company and to contribute to its great renown by the quality of my work. »