Our recruitment process

Get yourself ready to join our teams

Are you looking for your first job in the rail freight sector or seeking to boost your career prospects? Find out more about our recruitment process according to the type of professional path that you wish to follow.

Profession-specific recruitment processes

Whether you have replied to a specific job offer, made an unsolicited application via our website or been co-opted by one of our members of staff, you will be required to undergo a recruitment process, the objective of which is to assess our common desire to build the future of VFLI together and also to ensure that we share the same values and the same enthusiasm.


Our recruitment process varies slightly according to the nature of the post for which you are applying.

Our Human Resources team is on hand to guide you through each stage of the process.

Our recruitment process for jobs that involve safety tasks

Recruitment process for other posts

On the day of your recruitment session, please make sure that you arrive on time and that you bring your application file and all other required documents with you.