Our key HR strengths

Throughout your career, your interests are taken into account

This year, once again, we have hired around 150 new employees, the vast majority on open-ended contracts. If you are someone who can claim to be motivated, mobile and committed, here are just 5 good reasons to apply to join one of our teams.

VFLI is a right-sized, people-friendly company.

Our different teams know each other well and enjoy working together. Available and accessible, our managers are always on hand to listen to and talk with you about your work or the company strategy.

VFLI does not only hire logistics specialists

When you take up a post at VFLI, you join a team of rail freight professionals whose guiding light is excellence and whose expertise is widely recognized. To maintain client satisfaction levels at the highest possible level, we place a great deal of importance on attracting and retaining candidates who are motivated. You don't need to have been to a top business school, to be trained in logistics or to have rail freight experience to join VFLI.

What counts most for us is your sense of commitment.

VFLI rewards good work

At VFLI you have to show commitment and have a sense of responsibility. If you have the potential and the desire to go further, development opportunities are there to enable you to acquire new skills and accede to new responsibilities. At VFLI, your ambition has a future.

VFLI places a great deal of importance on training

Every year, we devote a considerable share of our budget to training (approximately 8% of our total payroll).

Training is a key issue for VFLI. It is for this reason that we train our employees in our very own accredited training centre and we develop extremely wide-ranging, comprehensive programs to ensure that they are well-equipped to further their career goals.

VFLI sets itself apart by its approach to safety

In our line of business, professional well-being is intrinsically linked with the notion of being sure about working in conditions of optimum safety. VFLI has adopted a policy by which it leaves no stone unturned in terms of risk prevention.

Furthermore, in terms of health protection, we have implemented processes aimed at preventing stress and strain in the workplace. 




Our HR policy takes our employees' interests into account throughout their career. Don't delay - now is the time to apply!